Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

I was born in Prinkipo Island of Istanbul's Prince Islands. Like every other resident of Prinkipo I am one of those who learnt how to ride a bicycle almost earlier than walking. In Prinkipo riding a bicycle becomes a habit because only transportation means are bicycles or phaetons. Therefore there's no way I can remember when and how I started riding bicycles because I always remember myself riding. 

In 1984 one our costumers brought me a Huffy BMX from USA as a gift whşch pened the doors of BMX life for me. Soon after wtching E.T. and RAD blew my mind and suddenly BMX became the most important thing of my life. My BMX adventure progressed with another bike I bought-a REDLINE. Now BMX was a lifestyle for me. I rode together with Murat Aksu, Ufuk Aksakal, Hakan Erdem, Vasili Poridis and Uğur Aksakal and we were spending most of our days riding.

Soon we blended with other riders of Istanbul-Ertan Üçkumru from Bostancı, Sinan Okay from Bakırköy and consequently with other riders. We had fun times and lifetime friendships. We participated many events of Prince Islands Municipality, shows and many other private events. The days Sinan Okay spent in Prinkipo summer camp were great days. My dear friend greatly contributed to my level and style of riding. Especially in “ In and over” :)

My love for bicycles started with BMX and lead the way to my today's occupation. I started making money by renting bicycles in Prince Islands, later on I developed business as distributor of many brands in Turkey. I ultimately realized my dreams by creating my bicycle brand KRON bicycles

Nowadays I am carrying on my career in bicycle industry with my designs in national and international platforms. 

By the way I would like to thank BMXTR and Ediz, Melih and Akman who brought us together again. Thanks to other lifetime friends too; Boğaç, Cenk, Ahmet, Murat, Kaya, Ertan, Ufuk, Bülent, Sinan, Celal, Kemal, Öge and others for still being in my life.

A small message for the young riders: “Let your biggest passion be your job”  .