Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

Hello Dear BMX lovers,

My name is Mustafa, A.K.A. Musti Korky. I was born in 1972 in Ankara. We immigrated to Germany when I was 2. At the time there was a lot of immigration to Germany from Turkey however we returned back to Turkey in 1976. At those years bicycles were very important for kids. If you had a bike, you were the king of the neighborhood. One of our neighbor had a red bike called Bonanza. Everyone was in love with the bike, but the guy-I still recall his name was Zafer-wouldn't even let us touch it. 

It was 1980 and we immigrated back to Germany. I was attending school and started having friends and life was in its routine but my love for bicycles was still there. I was still thinking of Zafer's bike.  There was a paper mill close to our apartment and old catalogues and brochures were coming there for recycling. I loved looking at them as a kid. Those years BMX'es were very popular, E.T. was just released and I used to drool on BMX pictures on those brochures and magazines in the paper mill. Why didn't I have one? Then I noticed a scrap yard across the street and there was an old BMX bike there. After my consistent pressure on the parents finally I bought that bike for 15 Marks (old German currency). That was a Condor brand BMX. The frame and fork was Tange but many parts were broken. I slowly saved some money and started buying parts for the bike and finally I made a nice BMX our of scrap.  Who ever rode it used to fall off my bike because the right lever was for front and the left lever was for rear brake! Because that was how it was when I bought the bike so I never thought that was a problem and that was I how I got used to riding.

In our neghborhood there was a skate park with half pipes and I used to hang out there. I had made many friends. One day I rode so fast to the pipe and my landing was a fail, I made a face plant. That was my first but not the last accident, but I never gave up riding.

As the time passed by I started needing a better BMX. But I had to make money. So I started doing cleaning works in the market places, or selling tickets in lunaparks. . In 1985 I bought a yellow GT Pro Performer. This bike played an important role in progress of my BMX riding. I became really good at almost any trick. 

My love for BMX was like endless. Same year I bought my second bike- a second hand 1983 Mongoose Pro Class. Now I had 3 bikes. That was a huge lucury for any kid those years but I was starting to like collecting. May be that was the start of my today's collecting obsession. 

Like every Turkish expatriate family we were visiting Turkey every summer. In 1986 yılında we had taken my BMX with to Ankara. That summer I had become the acrobat of Seval Street. Hole neighborhood used to watch me and applaud for me. Sometimes they even knocked our door to ask me to come out and do tricks.

That year when we went back to Germany my Condor was stolen. I still recall that was the week when Chernobil disaster happened. I lnew who stole it but was never abble to prove it. He was another Turk living a km away from us. I tracked down my bike and after 26 years I found it in Sakarya-Turkey and took it back which is a whole another story.

BMX was my everything. I had many adventures. When I was 18 I owned 2 cars, one of which was to travel with my BMX. Up to 25 years of age I almost rode everyday. I knew no other Turkish BMX'er. The Turks of Dortmund knew me as BMX Musti.

Now I am 45. I have many nice BMX‘es and I still ride them and am able to do tricks. I am very happy to be a part of BMX scene and collecting them.

Musti Korky