Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

Akman Atılgan 18.06.2017

Our website is focused on various BMX related events, riders, new tricks and stories. Almost everything about BMX is in the area of our interest. We know everything about BMX, who rides which BMX, who won which contest, what are the newest BMX models and so on... But aren't we missing something very important? Would BMX ever exist for us if we didn't have our parents' support?

Most of us start BMX at a very young age. Most of us start when we aren't yet making our livings. Would we be able to buy a BMX without support of our parents, without the allowances they give us or without even their permission? Would we be able to ride without their support? Of course after an age we are free in our actions but starting BMX at a very young age is mostly possible by only our parents' support.

So as BMX TR we decided to make a survey and had a look which parents are supporting their children for BMX. From now on we will choose the BMX Parent of the Month by using the stories and pictures coming from you. Send us an e-mail telling how your parent supports you in BMX (this can be your father, mother, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandpa, grandma or any other person around you) and some pictures of him/her or you altogether. Simply send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will put this in our website so you will make them happy at least in return of their support.

As today is the Father's Day, as BMX TR we chose Bora Altıntaş's father Fikri Altıntaş from Northern Cyprus. As BMX TR we closely know him and what he does to support Bora. Mr Altıntaş is an academic in Eastern Mediterranian University. He is supporting not only Bora but all the riders in Northern Cyprus. Let us see what he has done so far for Bora:

- As soon as he realised Bora's talent he started to build ramps to build an outdoor skatepark to a place allocated by the Municipality.

- He tries to go with Bora to all the events Bora picks to participate. His wife Mrs. besime Altıntaş joins them too from time to time to support Bora's passion for BMX. Some of those events are 2nd Turkish BMX Day in Pendik, Northjam Festival in Thessalonoki. Moreover they are going to Cologne this year for Snipes BMX Cologne .

- He built a team of 4 riders to make shows all around Cyprus after building mobile ramps.

- He worked during building of these ramps personally. 


- He tries to buy parts as soon as Bora needs them.

- Lately he purchased a warehouse of 800 m2 to build an indoor skatepark in Haspolat for Bora and other riders.

We congratulate and thank Fikri Altıntaş for the support he gives to Bora. Happy Father's day!