Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

Akman Atilgan 08.12.2020

Bora Altintas who without question is the most successful BMX rider of Cyprus and Turkey is now a Red Bull athlete!

Red Bull announced they hooked up Bora by a video interview on their official website in 1st December 2020. In the video the Red Bull reporter shows Bora a video message from Garret Reynolds and a gift sent by him is given to Bora. It is a Red Bull helmet coming out of the box and writes Bora Altintas on it! It is very obvious how Bora gets emotional and happy in the video. As BMXTR we have witnessed in years how hard Bora worked for this and we can easily empathize with his emotions. Those who would like to see how Bora reacted to Red Bull's great surprise can watch his interview on Red Bull web site.  

Bora's helmet has a story too. The helmet was made specially in France and his tattoo was drawn on the helmet details of which was given to Red Bull by his father Fikri not to spoil the surprise.

Another point which drew our attention in Bora's interview was what Bora said about Red Bull: "Red Bull is not only an energy drink company, it is also a family". We agree with the truth in this sentence as in recent years we have closely witnessed how Red Bull proved to be more than a firm. Red Bull is also a corporate power and a family for the talented athletes providing them great resources and organizing great events to support many extreme sports. Bora being a part of this big family as a BMX athlete makes us proud.

We wish Bora every success and a long sports career!