Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

As BMX TR we continue to be the voice of Turkish BMX and trying hard to promote and improve BMX in Turkey. We took another important step last week. Our continued efforts and attempts with Turkish Cycling Federation had given their presents on December 2016. and we were invited to TCF's workshop in Antalya by Chairman of TCF-Erol Küçükbakırcı. In this workshop, we had the chance of making a presentation of BMX races in the world  and its unofficial history in Turkey.  Our presentation was successful  and as a consequence we made a dream come true. On 29th-30th April 2017 we made a milestone in Turkish BMX history and as BMX TR we organized the first official BMX race in cooperation with Turkish Cycling Federation and Municipality of Alanya. 

                                                                                   Antalya Workshop-Turkish Cycling Federation and BMX TR

We were a bit nervous on our way to Antalya from Istanbul. We had translated almost everything from UCI documents into Turkish about BMX racing, but we had no idea what we would face with in Alanya, we didn't have any idea how many riders would participate and etc. I would be the track coordinator and Ediz would be the race coordinator.

After we made it to Alanya, the first thing we did in the morning was to take a look to the BMX track. Our friend Mustafa Şirin who is in charge of the track met us and showed us briefly the preparations in the track. Of course still there was a lot to do in the track so we started from the technical room built under the start gate to help out.

Ediz washing the dishes in the small kitchen of the technical room 

I, checking my notes about the racing rules.

A few hours later Vice Chairman of Board of Commissaires Ali Badak and Board members 
Celal Siper Özdöl and Rüstem Kayın showed up. Together we examined the track. To be honest the track was in much better condition than its state on December 2016. Alanya Municipality had had the track cleaned up, and all the unwanted grass was removed. Hydraulics of the start gate and asphalt on the turns were repaired. This never used track was finally up ad ready for a race. Even the tribunes which were directed to the football field were turned back to their original view point-the BMX track itself... 

We went to the Alanya Youth Center where the race registrations would take place. The number plates by Salcano had already arrived. We got this picture with Ediz as a memory the registrations.  

We were happy to see familiar faces during the registrations. 

After liaising with our commissaires we decided to give a briefing to the riders in a meeting room to tell them the rules. At the end of the day this was the first race ever being made in Turkey and the riders had no experience. Most riders were BMX freestyle riders, some were road bicycle riders. It would be fair to expect them not to know anything about BMX racing. During the meeting Cycling Federation Board Member Mehmet Zeki Kutlu made an introduction speech. He mentioned that the races those were going to be held the day after had an historical importance for Turkish Sports History. later on our commissaires and BMX TR told the riders about the racing rules. There were 67 registered and licenced riders-12 women and 55 men-and the participation was above our expectations!

After the briefing we had a long technical meeting with our commissaires all night long. We classified the racers according to their age groups, defined the Heats and decided to make a time trial for all the riders. We had made all the plans for tomorrow combining our commissaires' wide experience and our love for BMX and our translations from UCI. Next day was the big day and we went to our hotel rooms to rest to be ready for the next day.

And finally the big day came. We had decided to provide a warming up session for our riders who did not have starting gate experience for morning between 09:00-10:00. Several riders, coaches and their families were in the track. 

We were short in bikes and full face helmets. Most riders were going to share bikes and the helmets. One week before the race the federation had bought 16 full face helmets to be provided for the racers. The resources were limited but we had to run the whole thing without problems.

And the time trials started. It ok almost 1,5 hours for all the racers to run the track one by one. We had only 15 minutes after the time trials to distribute the riders between their categories into heats evenly... That was hell of an experience for me, but with the help of our commissaires I believe the heats were organized very properly.

After the time trials we started the races according to heats. First 4 rider of each heat moved to an upper final . The races started at 10 am and went on up to 2 pm. BMX love was everywhere and nobody cared about the extreme heat of Alanya!

A photo from Junior Men B Heat 2': Deniz Elias Öncü, Hilmi Tunahan Baştan, Yiğit Enes Eryılmaz, Sefa Süs, Volkan Dağ

                             Ediz was in charge of announcing the names of the riders of each heat so he could not watch most of the races...

                                            A Photo from Elite Men Heat 2':Murat Özdemir, Ahmet Samet Erdem, Eray Topluoğlu, İbrahim Şimşek

A photo from Junior Men B Semi Finals: İsmail Emre Dalgıç, Eren Kaim, Enver Karalar, Hilmi Tunahan Baştan, Kadir İhsan Sertgöz, Deniz Elias Öncü


                          A Photo from Junior Women Final: Funda Nur Baş

Our commissaires worked during the race with their utmost effort and very delicately to be just.

After a long period of exciting races it was time for the awards. The results were as follows:

Elite Men Category: 

1-      Emre Cengiz Güney Spor Kulübü

2-      Nihat Suşehirli Alanya Gençlik Spor Kulübü

3-      Ahmet Samet Erdem Kayseri Gençlik Spor Kulübü

Junior Men Category:

1-      Çağrı Baktorhan Avena Spor Kulübü

2-      Abdullah Göktaş Antalya Gençlik Spor Kulübü

3-      Sarp Dora Aksoy Antalya Demirspor

Junior Men-A Category:

1-      Kadir Görnü Alanya SMS Spor Kulübü

2-      Ali Celil Ferahzade Konya Ferdi

3-      Buğra Eken Alanya Belediye Spor Kulübü

Junior Men-B Category, 

1-      Can Alexander Öncü ALDOSK (Alanya Doğa Sporları Kulübü)

2-      Deniz Elias Öncü ALDOSK

3-      Kadir İhsan Sertgöz Alanya Belediye Spor Kulübü

Junior Women Category:

1-      Funda Nur Baş ALDOSK

2-      Sena Sertgöz ALDOSK

3-      Songül Neslihan Coşğun ALDOSK

After the awards we had our traditional family picture taken...

It was an exciting race for which we had many concerns before the event took place. We had limited resources, conditions of the track were not perfect but all these were normal. Important thing was to make the race and introduce this new olympic sport to our young people. With the contributions of our federation, commissaires, the municipality and BMX TR everything was proper. At the end we were happy to provide our young riders a good and just race and we believe everyone enjoyed it. We are expecting a bigger participation on July for Turkey BMX Race Championship and inviting all to get a licence, a fullface helmet and a BMX with a rear brake!