Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!


"World Flatland Champion and Red Bull rider Viki Gomez was in Turkey on December for Hip Hop Jam. Like all Turkish BMX fans, as BMX TR we were very excited too. This was a great interview opportunity for BMX TR while we were celebrating the first days of our establishment. With Ediz TENŞİ's organization and Red Bull's support, Viki Gomez accepted to make an interview with BMX TR prepared by Akman ATILGAN. So BMX TR had the privilege to make their first interview in history with a World Champion! We wish Viki Gomez fans enjoy this very special interview!"


            AKMAN ATILGAN


BMX TR: BMX TR: Hello Wiki. We feel privileged to have an interview with The Flatland World Champion in 2015. You're a hero for thousands of BMX enthusiast in the world. In Turkey, many Turkish riders very excited about you're visiting us. Today, we are having riders here in Beşiktaş, coming from very far cities like Gaziantep and Adana.  They came to Istanbul by plane for only one day to ride with you.    


VG: Thanks for the nice words Akman. I am also very happy to be here in Turkey and meet the Turkish BMX riders.

BMX TR : First, let me introduce ourselves. BMX TR is Turkey's first and only BMX community established to enhance BMX culture and support every discipline of BMX Sports in Turkey at the moment. BMX in all disciplines ingratiating young athletes and dissemination in Turkey, established vaccination of youth culture is. The founders of the Community are now either running their own business or professionals interested in BMX sports. Most of the members of the community are old-school BMX riders doing the sport since 1988.

Yes Let's start with an easy question to our interview. How old are you? Where are you from? and since when have you been riding BMX and how did you decide to ride a BMX bike?

VG: I'm 34 years old and from Madrid, Spain. I have been riding BMX for around 20 years. I remember the first time in my life, I have seen the BMX riders at Retiro park when I was 14. I had a simple and cheap BMX at that time.

BMX TR : The bike was a BH Californian, right?

VG: Haha yess, you know it J. I was riding a BH Californian. I have met the guys riding at the park and became friends. Since then I have been riding.

BMX TR : I believe you had many interesting stories about meeting with these new friends. Could you please tell us your story about your nickname?

VG: Right. Back then, I was very short and skinny. I also had a very long hair and a beany. The guy at the park that that associated me with the cartoon character Viki the Viking. My real name is Jorge but everyone knows me as Viki.


BMX TR : Speaking about the friends you met in the park, as the older riders we feel like we had many friends in our childhood and teenage years, but the most lasting friendships were the ones formed around BMX. Today, after 27 years we are still together with most of our BMX  friends despite life spread all of us in to totally different places. What would you like say about this?

VG: Yes, it is interesting. Most of my friends are no longer riding a BMX, but with most of them our friendships are still continuing and we often see each other. I can tell you I did not have any friends when I was 14, but by meeting those friends at the park I instantly have found myself attached to a big group of friends. Yes I can clearly say that, BMX has definitely a magical effect to gather and connect people around it.

BMX TR : Especially flatland discipline requires hard work and concentration. You have consistently improving yourself. How do you achieve that?

VG: First, your mind should be ready for it. I believe my success is related with my feeling  free when do flatland. I use my bike as I want and I let myself as free as possible. I do not stick in to a single style. I'm not conservative on my riding style at all and I am able to change my riding characteristics any time I want. I believe those things are enabling me to be free and therefore successful.

BMX TR: 20 years of riding and 15 years of pro career, you are a unique rider having consistent successes over the years.  Since you are 34, you’ve had experience on both mid school and new school bikes. You are one the rare athletes witnessed the industries development and bikes evolution over the years first hand. What would you like to say about the evolution of flatland over the years? 

VG: Yes, flatland has changed dramatically from the years I started BMX to today. Today’s the tricks were unimaginable back then.. Bikes have better geometry and technology compare to that period. Current bikes are extremely light. In addition to that, much has changed in riding techniques. Now the brakes almost not used at all. I rarely use brakes. But I believe new riders, forcing to ride without brakes, limiting themselves by not having brakes at all. I think that is an obstacle for their improvement.

BMX TR : So, do you mean by not using brakes, are they making things harder for them??

VG: That's right. Brake and "scuffing" are forming the foundation BMX riding, because the brakes, "scuffing" lets you take full control of the bike and let you understand the dynamics of the bike. Only by using them any rider can go up to the next level of riding.

BMX TR: We are noting this as an important recommendation from a world champion to the beginners.  How much do you think the riders can push the limits to invent new tricks? Does BMX improve infinitely or the sport will became mature and improvement will stop somewhere?

VG: Of course, the answer is; BMX will improve infinitely. Looking at the past 20 years of the sport, I can clearly say that BMX absolutely has no limits. 

BMX TR: You have a lot of signature tricks. Could you please tell us your process of creating your own tricks? What is the way to invent a new trick no one has ever tried before?

VG: Sometimes I get inspired by a movement that I like, start develop on top of that trick and eventually come to a complete different trick in the end. I also sometimes put my feet on a wrong place, instinctively make a move and a new trick is being born by that. I am inventing a new trick sometimes by planning sometimes by accident. No matter how, it is too much fun.

BMX TR: You've visited more than 60 countries and 6 different continents....

VG: 66!

BMX TR: Haha sorry. So I'm not having the updated information. Every day there must be a new country added to the list! By encountering many different cultures and visiting so many different countries, how are your way of living and attitude towards life changed over the years?

VG: Yes, I'm doing a lot of shows around the world and I love introducing my work to the people. This is a very beautiful thing. It gives me a great source of inspiration. I feel that I making people happy.

BMX TR: Many of the countries, people are seeing the BMX the first time in their lives, isn’t it? How are the differences between a European spectator and a Middle Eastern Spectator who has never seen a BMX show before?

VG: Yes, if there is a show for African, Latin American, and Middle Eastern spectators, I feel much more appreciated. I am treated like a superstar sometimes. Kids are coming with their bikes and cheering all the time. In the countries where BMX is well known, things are a slightly different but I am always respected. Every country has different response to me.

BMX TR: Would you like to say something about us KUOPPA GOMEZ Bikes?

VG: Yes, we did a couple of crazy designs before KGB. Then we stop these trials and established the KGB brand. We came out the market with a super nice model having a solid geometry. This bike was  a street bike. My intention was creating more of a freestyle bike. I believe our new bike is the ultimate bike on the market today. I did the all tests. It is solid and gives enough space and freedom to the rider. I believe the rider will like it very much. On the other hand we are producing parts like handlebars, stems and forks under our brand.

BMX TR: Yes, Marty Kuoppa’s stem trick is very famous, isn’t it?

VG: Haha yes Marty loves this trick. He even built a V shape stem for it.

BMX TR: On the other hand he says those stem tricks are forcing his body too much….

VG: Yes, he has experienced problems with his back lately, but now he is  better and more careful.

BMX TR: It's getting cold and we don’t want to take more time of you. Would you like to give an advice to Turkish riders for making their future in this sport.

VG: First of all, they should enjoy riding a BMX bike. They should do it only for fun. First you have to feel the passion and love the sport, than the spectators will enjoy your show. On the other hand they should be aware of the fact that, while riding on a public space they are representing the sport. Every BMX rider has to have good manners, and never forget that they are the front face of the sport. Public values the sport not only the difficulty of the tricks, but also with the attitude of the athlete.

BMX TR: Yes Viki, we come to the end of our interview. Thank you very much for sparing time for us. We also like to hugely thank Red Bull who also  us a chance to have interview with you. Before you leave we like to give you some small gifts like a t-shirt and a banner. We will be very happy if you accept our gifts.

VG: I also like to meet people like you in Turkey, I was very pleased. I hope you will be successfully achieve your future goals. I hope to see you again!