Türkiye'de BMX'in Sesi! | Voice of BMX in Turkey!

Akman Atılgan-10.11.2017

Bora Altıntaş has a very high motivation after he signed a sponsorship agreement with Haro Turkey. In the meantime his father Fikri Altıntaş's indoor skatepark construction will be finishing in a few months which is very exciting for Bora. With the thrill of the latest developments, Bora is creating new success stories and working on video projects which will introduce him to the globe. His sponsor Haro Turkey is showing an utmost effort in cooperation with Haro Global to share his videos in their social media accounts and other BMX sites. Of course it is noteworthy to stress that the big portion of the success is Bora's and his video team's. You will see a good example of cooperation between rider and sponsor in this video. Please be seated and enjoy this high quality video made by Bora Altıntaş and his video team in Cypruss: